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What is Homeshare

Homeshare is a very simple idea.

A Householder offers accommodation to a Homesharer in exchange for an agreed rent and level of help.

Householders are either:

  • People with an Intellectual Disability who require a very limited level of support; or
  • Young people who are at risk of homelessness and require mentoring and support with developing independent living skills.

The Householder may need help with the household tasks, or need to rent a room or a combination of both.

Homeshare recognises that two people have needs and something to offer.  A Homesharer may be looking for affordable accommodation and a Householder may be able to offer reduced rent in exchange for some agreed support.

Homeshare Brisbane North is managed by Community Living Association Inc. (CLA)

About CLA:

Community Living Association is a not for profit organisation operating in North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, which supports people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities and young people at risk to get the most from their lives.

Community Living Association manages three services: please refer to CLA website  for more information:

  • Community Living Program (CLP)
  • Community Connections

Community Living Association:

  • Provides guidelines for the operation of Homeshare;
  • Manages the application process;
  • Supports the relationship between the Householder and Homesharer; and
  • In most cases, manages the tenancy (in some cases, housing will be managed by another agency)


The Householder: The person who owns or is a tenant of the property* and who is offering accommodation in exchange for some support

The Homesharer: The person who is seeking accommodation and who is happy to offer some support in exchange for an accommodation subsidy

The Property: The property owned or tenanted by the Householder

*In some situations, the person may be in the process of finding appropriate accommodation with support from CLA and would like to find a Homesharer in preparation for moving out

What if I have my own property or a spare room to rent?

You can still be involved!  If a young person moves in and pays rent, remuneration would be negotiated depending on the support you could offer them.  Please enquire if you are interested in this option.